Speaker Interview: Daijiro Wachi — Node.js core contributor

With AmsterdamJS Conference being only a week away, we are publishing last interview in our 2017 Speaker Series.

Today we are welcoming Daijiro Wachi — lead Javascript developer at CoolGames company. He also happens to be a Node.js Core Collaborator in The Netherlands. Daijiro is coming from Japan and has settled in Amsterdam only a couple of years ago.

AmsterdamJS: Tell us a bit about yourself — how did it all begin?

Daijiro: Sure thing! Hiya, Im Daijiro, @watilde on GitHub. I’m working for a Dutch game company called Coolgames and contributing to Node.js as a core collaborator in spare time.

I experienced various discussions at OSS development/community and became very interested in moving to a different country. A couple of years have already passed since I started working and living here in Amsterdam.

AmsterdamJS: What does it mean to be a Core Node.js contributor and how much it does it take from your free time?

Daijiro: I believe there is no big difference between a contributor and the core collaborator. Both of them are looking for improvements and add patches and updates, respect people in the community, learn from it and move further.

During weekdays quite often i can be found working on Node.js at Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam till it’s closed. The hamburger you can get at La Place is my favourite xD

AmsterdamJS: What is your feeling about Node.js in the community of enterprise software developers?

Daijiro: I’ve never written Node.js as part of my job and I’m not familiar with Node.js in the enterprise environment. In general, its ecosystem and community are exceedingly active. We have a wide variety of powerful Saas, and it works very well as BFF for SPA. Plus, if you create an in-house web system, you may want to use Electron to not support old browsers.

It’s not always the best choice, but it could be the best choice for the above cases. It’s a big benefit that you can ask to the community when you get stuck. In the case, I’d love to support :)

AmsterdamJS: We have noticed you’re taking an important part in ElectronJS project!

Daijiro: Oh really! I’ve added only a few minor patches xD

Well, I started subscribing to its updates because of a conference back in Japan — http://nodefest.jp I’m involved as one of the organisers. I met with the team member at there and got an interest in the technology.

AmsterdamJS: Which type of apps work the best with such a wrapper, and what are the most popular projects using it?

Daijiro: Slack is probably the most popular application using Electron as far as I know. My favourite project is a refined music app called Voltra https://voltra.co/ which has been developed in Amsterdam.

We thank Daijiro for time taken to answer our questions and knowledge shared. At AmsterdamJS conference, Daijiro will be presenting his talk “Doctor Wombat” where he will explain what we can do to resolve user problems in most efficient manner by referring to localization communities, tools, and NPM doctor.

Thank you and see you all on June 8!

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