Are You Ready for JSNation 2019?

Read our official guide for JSNation attendees

To make sure you enjoy the conference days (June 5–8) as much as you can, we’ve prepared a quick guide you can follow to easily get around.

🚌 Getting to the conference venues

We recommend you install the local navigation app called 9292 (available in App Store / Google Play Store) — it is very easy to use and provides real-time updates on your selected route, should there be any disruptions or traffic jams.


Public transport: The closest Metro stations are Nieuwmarkt (3 min walk) and Waterlooplein (4 min walk)


Public transport: The closest Metro stations are Nieuwmarkt (5 min walk) and Waterlooplein (6 min walk)

There’s a parking lot near Waterlooplein with 195 available parking spots.

The venues are just a 5 minute walk away from each other. For directions between our 2 venues, please consult this map. For the attendees who will not wish to transfer, Zuiderkerk will provide an area with a live stream from the NodeJS Hall.

The conference provides coat check at Zuiderkerk. There will be a bit of space to leave your luggage in emergency cases, however, the spot won’t be guarded and it is highly recommended to leave the luggage elsewhere, for example the Amsterdam Centraal Station.

📅 Conference Agenda

The full conference schedule is available on our website:

Attendee registration starts at 8:00 at Zuiderkerk, followed by coffee & snacks. Registration will be open until noon, however, the conference opens at 9:00, followed by the Kyle Simpson’s keynote at 9:15 — please plan your trip accordingly in order to arrive on time.

The last talk finishes at 18:40, followed by an afterparty at the Zuiderkerk that starts at 20:00.

The badges have already been sent to production, so if you make a last-minute name change in Eventbrite or re-assign your ticket, you’ll be provided a blank badge on the spot.

Lunch will have vegetarian and meat options, as well as gluten-free and vegan options. On the menu, we’ll have:

  • vegetable soup
  • cold cuts (cheese, meat)
  • spreads to make your own sandwich
  • ready-made sandwiches
  • quinoa-vegetable salad
  • green salad

If you’d like to try Amsterdam’s fusion of world cuisines, there’s a number of restaurants near the venues.

Your goodie bags will contain a branded JSNation mug, JS sticker pack, pins, and magnets. Our sponsors will also provide a couple of things for each attendee.

🚙 Getting to the workshops (for workshop ticket holders)


Public transport: The closest Metro stations are Nieuwmarkt (5 min walk) and Waterlooplein (6 min walk)

Parking: There’s a parking lot near Waterlooplein with 195 available parking spots.


Public transport: The closest train station is Muiderpoort (11 min walk) and the closest tram stop is Javaplein (2 min walk).

Parking: The nearest parking lot with a tram connection can be found at Czaar Peterstraat 213.

📋 Workshop Agenda

The schedule and location info can be found on our website. All attendees got a separate email with info about their specific event. Please mind that the workshops are only accessible to people who bought single workshop or combo tickets.

Breakfast won’t be served at the venue, only coffee and tea, so please have breakfast before you leave for the event. There will be coffee breaks with sweets available and also lunch with sandwiches.

🎉 Extended Program

JavaScript has the potential to change lives and the world we live in. So don’t be shy and explore it with us! Amsterdam is known for its wild nightlife and all our attendees get an invitation to join in.

We’ll have a pre-party at Poki, an HQ of a personalized discovery platform for free online games, at 18:30 with free beer, pizza, and pub quiz. Join us and befriend the local community.

JSNation Afterparty at Zuiderkerk will start at 20:00 — feel free to RSVP on Facebook to let your friends know you’re going. If you’d like to bring a +1 who’s not an attendee, you can get extra tickets for the afterparty on Eventbrite.

We’re organizing guided museum tours:

  • Van Gogh Museum at 11:30
  • Rijksmuseum at 12:00
  • Stedelijk at 12:30

Most of the spots have been booked but there still might be a couple of them left, so please send a request to who’ll provide details. JSNation only provides the guides, every tour attendee has to buy a ticket separately and ahead of the tour. Tickets for Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum can be purchased on their respective websites, and we have a couple of tickets for the Van Gogh Museum at 11:30 available on Eventbrite.

After the tours, we’ll hang out in Vondelpark. We’ve booked a number of tables at the Vondelpark3 Café with outdoor seating, but please keep in mind that everyone pays for their own food and drinks.

🙂 Weather

The forecast for the week shows temperatures around 20°C and high chances of rain and thunderstorms. We recommend you pack an umbrella or a raincoat as the Amsterdam weather can get quite windy and rainy even in the summer.

There has been a pollen alert for the past couple of days, so if you’re allergic, don’t forget your meds.

💬 Online engagement

The official hashtag of the conference is #JSNation.

There is free wi-fi available at both conference venues (SSID: GitNation) but if you can rely on your mobile connection, we recommend you do so. We expect 500+ attendees at the conference, and the signal might get spotty.

We have an official Slack chat where you can meet and team up with fellow attendees. Join it with this invite link.

The general track of the conference will be streamed on our YouTube channel, in case you’d like to watch a part of it or invite your followers to share the experience with you.

Some speakers will share their slides with us and they will be accessible in this public folder. The slides will be later included in the separate talk recordings on YouTube.

👋 Conduct

All attendees, speakers, and crew are expected to behave respectfully towards each other regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability or tech choices. Harassment of others will not be tolerated and attendees who disregard our code of conduct will be removed from the venue.

Longer version: Code of Conduct

In case you need help or assistance, don’t hesitate to approach our crew (they’ll be wearing branded T-shirts) or send an email to

The main emergency number in the Netherlands is 112, and if need be, it will get you in touch with the police, the fire department and the emergency ambulance service.

The venues are wheelchair accessible, and all-gender restrooms will be provided for all attendees.

The city of Amsterdam has an accessibility guide for people with disabilities:

🤝 Partners

We’d like to thank our Platinum Sponsor DAZN, Diversity Sponsor GitHub, our Gold Sponsors Evolution Gaming, FocusReactive, and Elsevier, and also the Silver Sponsors and Community Partners for supporting the 2019 edition:

🤔 Questions?

Drop us a line at You can also address @AmsterdamJS on Twitter.

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