Dear JSNation community,

The coronavirus restrictions might have been eased in both the Netherlands and the European Union, however, large-scale events like JSNation have still not been allowed in Amsterdam and it’s currently unknown when the authorities plan to make updates to the policy.

In addition, a number of our community members from outside of the EU are currently not able to enter the country and won’t be able to do so for some time. …

Dear JSNation community,

We announce that due to the coronavirus situation in the Netherlands, JSNation has been officially postponed to September 10, 2020.

Despite many months of hard work and preparations for the conference, we’ve been forced by the circumstances to give up on the original dates of the conference and decided to move the event.

Our team has already booked the original venue for the later date, and the program is going to be outstanding and you can still count on the original numbers of speakers and attendees.

We will keep you informed about any organizational changes as soon…

Thinking about attending JSNation, but your manager needs just a little bit more persuasion? We’ve prepared a neat template that you can use. Good luck!

Dear _(Boss)_,

I’d like to kindly ask for your approval to attend JSNation 2020 that will be taking place in Amsterdam on June 3–5. There are many conferences out there, but I’ve picked this one because I feel that the insights and learnings presented and discussed there are exactly what our team needs in our company to get more efficient, stay ahead of competition, and avoid unnecessary costs.

JSNation is a big-scale JavaScript conference (1000+ attendees) with…

We brought an extra element of fun to our 2019 conference

As part of the 2019 program of Amsterdam JSNation, we decided to give some space to artists using JavaScript in their practice, and we showcased their work on our Zuiderkerk screen inbetween talks.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and showed their creative code!


Marpi / @marpistudio / San Fransisco, United States

Programming Posters

Tim Rodenbröker / @timrodenbroeker / Paderborn, Germany

Unique Flow and Damien Mortini / @damienmortini / Paris, France

A.I. Tattoo

Alice Stewart and 72andSunny / @alicestew_art / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rationality and other generative posters

Kostya Ostroukhov / @Kostrodesign / Yekaterinburg, Russia

VR Super Gun

Kieran Nolan / @Kierannolan / Cavan, Ireland


Ivan Iovine

We talked to Jarrod Overson, a developer, public speaker, web security specialist, author, and the Director of Engineering at Shape Security

Jarrod Overson has been in web development for nearly 20 years, from which the last 5 years he has spent working on and researching web security and privacy. In this interview with JSNation, he talks about his experience, his area of expertise, favorite technology stack, gives advice for users on protecting their privacy online and opines on the future of web security in general. Jarrod is coming to Amsterdam to give a talk at JSNation Conference, June 6–8, 2019.

Hello Jarrod, and welcome to the interview with the JSNation. Please, introduce yourself.

I’m Jarrod Overson, I’ve been in web development for nearly 20 years and, for the past 5, have been focusing that…

We talked to Thomas Watson, Node.js core member, open source hacker, and a developer at Elastic.

Thomas Watson is a web developer, public speaker, open source hacker and contributor, who works on APM at Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash. Thomas had always been passionate about Node.js and, thus, quickly became a Node.js core contributor. In this interview with JSNation, he talks about open source, burnout, and why he chose Node among other technologies. Thomas is coming to Amsterdam to give a talk at JSNation Conference, June 6–8, 2019.

Hello Thomas, and welcome to the interview with JS Nation! Please, introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m a computer programmer from Copenhagen, Denmark and I’m really excited to join you all in Amsterdam for JSNation. I work for Elastic, the…

Read our official guide for JSNation attendees

To make sure you enjoy the conference days (June 5–8) as much as you can, we’ve prepared a quick guide you can follow to easily get around.

🚌 Getting to the conference venues

We recommend you install the local navigation app called 9292 (available in App Store / Google Play Store) — it is very easy to use and provides real-time updates on your selected route, should there be any disruptions or traffic jams.

General Hall — Zuiderkerk


Public transport: The closest Metro stations are Nieuwmarkt (3 min walk) and Waterlooplein (4 min walk)

NodeJS Hall — Uilenburgersjoel


Public transport: The closest Metro stations are Nieuwmarkt (5 min walk) and…

We talked to Mat Groves, a creative coder and the co-founder of Good Boy Digital.

Mat Groves is not just your regular web developer, he is a young ambitious coder with a creative streak. In this interview with JSNation, Mat talks about his love for web design, shares the story behind PixiJS, a WebGL renderer he helped create, and describes the work his company is doing for such great companies, like BBC, Facebook, and McDonald’s. Mat is coming to Amsterdam to give a talk at JSNation Conference, June 6–8, 2019.

Hello Mat, and welcome to the interview with JSNation! Why do you describe yourself as a creative coder?

Sure! Even though I studied Computer Science, I have always had a bit of a creative streak. My first job in this industry was actually…

We talked to David Rousset, a Senior Program Manager in the EPIC/PAX division of Microsoft, co-author of Babylon.js and Vorlon.js, member of the team managing PWA Builder, and a former Technical Evangelist.

David Rousset joined Microsoft before he got his CS diploma and ended up working there ever since. He quickly moved up the ladder and became the Technical Evangelist, a job he always dreamed about. Now, still based in France, he is a Senior Program Manager for MS Corp, who works on strategic accounts using web technologies, like PWA, Electron, and others. In this interview with JS Nation, David shares his passion for open source, all things VR, music, and his sincere dedication to encouraging inclusion and accessibility within the communities. …

We talked to Gleb Bahmutov, VP of Engineering at, a JavaScript pro, and software quality fanatic

Gleb Bahmutov has contributed to more than 300 open source projects, has been blogging since 2013 and circling the globe sharing his knowledge and craft on building excellent software. In this interview, he shares his passion for image processing, software testing, and, of course JavaScript. Gleb is coming to Amsterdam to give a talk at JSNation Conference, June 6–8, 2019.

Hello Gleb, and welcome to the interview with JSNation! What’s your story?

I went to graduate school expecting to work on operating systems and programming languages, but a computer vision class has changed my life. …


#JavaScript community organizing confs and meetups, gathering 20K+ people online & 1K attendees in-person. #JSNationLive #AmsterdamJS

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